Totes Hitler
I really don't have a certain agenda with this blog, but I just want to help people take a step back and relax from tumblr if I can. Rule #1: Your trigger is not sacred. Rule #2: Be original with your insults. Rule #3: Please, no pissing contests unless I say so. Thank you. Also, I can kinda draw! I come off as negative, but I'm actually quite nice! Don't be shy, I don't bite!

About the whole 4chan raid on tumblr. I was shocked to find NSFW things on hashtags, but when I heard about who it was, I immediately relaxed. Yes, seeing most of those images on tags were crass and offensive, but it’s 4chan! (Or /pol/ and /b/, to be more specific.)The thing you guys need to understand is that some tumblrites were involved, too in this. You know who you are. You guys thought you were so clever as to make 4chan more “PC” when 4chan was about abandoning PC in favor of saying whatever you wanted. Of course they were gonna tear us a new asshole! It’s like poking a hornets nest and expecting nothing to happen. And besides, they just spammed hashtags with “bad” pictures. It’ll all flush itself out eventually. No, I am not saying that tumblr innocents (we know who we are, too.) deserved this. Nor am I saying that /pol/ and /b/ were completely in the right. But stop acting like tumblr was. This is why I’m not offended by the 4chan raid. 

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